Want to move abroad for good? Ideas for what to do with your belongings.


Many of us dream about living abroad, perhaps to sunnier climbs, or colder places, maybe somewhere by the sea or a bustling city. Regardless of these fantasies, very few of us actually take the plunge into a brand new walk of life in a foreign country.

Will you place faith in spontaneity when you travel?


Have you ever trusted a friend to feed you a range of mystery foods whilst you are blindfolded? Generally speaking the idea is that you guess which type of food you are eating, and of course there will always be that one friend who decides to put tomato ketchup on a piece of chocolate just

Travel Guide for Active Family Summer Holidays

Cruising in Turkey ( creative commons)

Active holidays are the best! Combining exercise and relaxing are the key to having a truly fulfilling holiday. You may think that lazing in your hammock is the best way to recharge your batteries but in fact getting active and partaking in some outdoor activities is on of the best ways to re-energise yourself, leaving

5 Summer Destinations from Cardiff Airport


Summer always brings its own joys and excitement for the people who want to take pleasure in life just like the way they should. Summer in UK means a season of great fervor and relaxation as it has its own delights and recreations. Cardiff Airport is the main Welsh airport from where flights to various

Geeking out over treasure

Westminster Palace (Creative Commons)

When exploring tourist haven London, there is a new way to see the city through different eyes: treasure hunting. As recent developments have included fun variations like geocaching that uses GPS, or letterboxing, which employs orienteering techniques, I have gotten increasingly interested in the game. Progressions matter to geeks, whether it is levelling up in

Living it up in Tenerife? Not without our help!

Tenerife - Las Teresitas Beach by elsua (Creative Commons)

Long since associated with a mad party atmosphere, Tenerife is the largest and most developed of the Canary Islands. Whether you’re into water sports, partying like it’s the end of days or simply lounging by the beach and taking in the local sights and sounds; a Tenerife holiday has something for you. But where to

How not to miss your business meetings abroad

Business Meeting (creative commons)

Missing a business meeting is much more than simply undesirable and can have consequences to the future of your job or your business. Most delays in international and national business travel are caused by delayed flights (over which we have no control) but one factor not to be overlooked is potential delays which might occur

Tips on Travelling through the Roads of Australia

If you are in for a self-drive tour, weave through the roads of Australia. Driving is the best way to get a first-hand experience of the country’s tour delights. You will be able to see and hop in the state highlights at your own pace with the amount of time you have in your itinerary.

7 things you didn’t know about New York City

Broadway Theatre District (Creative Commons)

Everyone knows the Big Apple, even those who have never visited New York City, simply because it is the heart of American culture and life. But just because you have seen enough movies or TV shows, does not mean you know New York. For those looking for the weird and quirky details in the city

Travel Tips for the Study Abroad Student

Study abroad (creative commons)

More and more students are willing to study abroad and leave their homes for a new and exciting cultural exchange. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, get used to different lifestyles and get a new knowledge perspective. But there are some steps any student must do before embarking on the journey of his